Terms of Service

Terms Agreed When Purchasing a Membership:

The completion of a sale requires the reshipper (the person(s) receiving, sending, and holding items ordered by the customer) and the customer (the person(s) ordering items to the reshippers address).

  1. - Slick Reship reserves the right to ban users caught breaking the TOS without notice or refunds.
  2. - Slander, racism, bigot comments, hate comments, homophobic comments or sexism will not be tolerated.
  3. - Slick Reship enforces a zero-tolerance policy for abuse. Show respect to all users and moderators always,
  4. - Do not advertise, post referral links, or post Discord invites within the server unless permission is given by a member of staff.
  5. - By placing an order using our services, you agree to the pricing stated in the discord ‘Slick Reship’.

Terms Agreed When Entering a Sale:

  1. - The customer is liable to pay the reshipping fee(s) before the reshipper is required to ship the item(s) out.
  2. - We are not liable for any damage before or after the shoes leave our reshipper's house. However, shoe or box defects will be reported upon arrival and customers are able to return these items free of charge (providing the shoe box damage is within reason, a.k.a destroyed)
  3. - We are not liable for any issues regarding using addresses where the reshipper has shown they cannot receive parcels, either reshippers on holiday or reshippers no longer working under Slick Reship.
  4. - We are not liable if you incorrectly type the address/jig; resulting in the shoes not arriving.
  5. - Do not use any COD (Cash On Delivery) orders unless approval is granted by the reshipper in advance.
  6. - Do not abuse or take advantage of the addresses.
  7. - Returning of test items is allowed, however, this will incur a fee as stated in the pricing guide. If this is being abused, we will warn you on the first instance, however, repeat offenders will be banned.
  8. - If your order is flagged up by our team as potential fraudulent activity, we hold the right to request additional information including; bank statements and order confirmations. If we still cannot verify legitimacy we reserve the right to return the item(s) at our discretion.
  9. - Please ensure all packages are insured as once the package is out of the reshipper's hands, we will not take any responsibility for missing parcels, damaged parcels, or stolen parcels.
  10. - Pricing is non-negotiable under any circumstances.
  11. Please ensure that when arranging delivery that customs declarations are correctly completed. We are not liable for any Customs, import tax or VAT charged on shipping.
  12. - Do not ask reshippers to label home deliveries as gifts.
  13. - Once paid, subscription fees are non-refundable. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time via the dashboard.
  14. - In the instance that a reselling platform sends the wrong shipping label/invoice we are not liable. We will endeavor our best efforts to check the invoices/shipping labels match however ultimately this is down to you as a seller to check.
  15. - Using addresses for raffle entries is not allowed unless otherwise stated.
  16. - Home to Home shipping costs will be agreed upon inside a ticket in the ‘Slick Reship’ discord server. We will ask both parties to confirm. Payment will be taken before the parcel is sent.
  17. - Payments for reshipping fees will be made either by an agreed payment method or by our Stripe interface.
  18. - We are not held liable to manage any cancellation of orders.
  19. - Any illegal items bought to a reshipper's address is prohibited and we reserve the right to address legal authorities if this situation occurs.
  20. - Items are charged per unit, not per package! If you order 1 parcel with 30 units inside, you will be charged 30 reshipping fees.